The maiLink family of products can do a lot to streamline your customer service and improve customer satisfaction. They can provide better access and better fleet management for your team, and better service for your customers, which equates to better solutions.

Better for Patients. All of us work in healthcare because we care about patients — after all, they are our parents, our spouses, our children and our friends. They are even us!

The Reason for maiLink. We built maiLink to help you help your customers be ready for whatever the patients need. Excellent machine service for excellent patient care.

Better Access
  • Integrated Access
  • Quick Access with VMs
  • Quick Access w/o VMs
Better Fleet Management
  • Get onboard with true Fleet Management
  • Information at Their Fingertips
Better Service
  • For Manufacturers
  • For Dealers
  • For Third-Party Service Providers
  • For In-House Biomedical Engineering Teams
  • For Clinical Asset Management Companies

All this results in optimized service operations, driving your business to the service excellence that your customers will appreciate. You realize in many tangible ways, from technicians able to handle more calls per day and more time for your field engineers to make additional calls, to lower travel expenses per customer due to more issues being resolved remotely. The result is lower costs, higher margins and greater customer satisfaction. 

Better Access


The maiLink product family has several ways to make accessing your deployed devices easier.

Integrated Access. Build our Agent software module directly into your product and that product becomes a service technician’s dream … it “phones home” from inside the firewall, allowing your service technician to configure, diagnose, monitor, repair, and upgrade your product. Integrating the Agent is an easy and key part of Design for Serviceability.

maiData’s unique focus on medical devices gives you another powerful advantage. We can provide regulatory guidance regarding integration of the Agent into medical devices, both for the US and EU markets.

maiLink Router is a software solution providing better access to your deployed products without having to integrate the Agent. Installing maiLink Router into a VM in your customer’s facility is simple. For medical device manufacturers, that means no regulatory burden in getting started with better access. While integrating the Agent into your product may be the more streamlined, long-term solution, maiLink Router provides the same secure access without any engineering effort.


Quick Access without VMs. maiLink Appliance is maiLink Router packaged into a small computer. It is an easy alternative to maiLink Router for customers who have limited capacity for deploying VMs (or who don’t support them at all). maiLink Appliance provides all the benefits of maiLink Router – better access is immediately available for your team.

Better Fleet Management


The maiLink product family manages and tracks your fleet of deployed products and provides all the information your service technicians need for optimal performance.

Get onboard with true Fleet Management. The maiLink SRM platform keeps track of each deployed product. It starts with the basics, a unique identifier and a name. You can go further, tagging each product with more information, from serial number and software version, model number and optional features, to warranty expiration date and type of service contract. There are no limits.

Information at Their Fingertips. Gone are the days of service technicians complaining that they don’t have access to information in the CRM because the seat licenses are too expensive. Instead, the maiLink SRM becomes a core repository for that information, accessible by all the employees in your company who need access – at no additional charge.

Prepare for Fleet Management 2.0. maiData is planning a bright future for Fleet Management, with integrations to CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot on the drawing board. In addition, we will be introducing Device Types, which provide templates for specific types of products … that you can define. More flexibility, more power, and more automation.

Better Service


No matter what your stake is in the lifecycle of medical devices, the maiLink product family makes your whole service operation more efficient, allowing you to satisfy your customers more easily.

For Manufacturers. These days, most medical devices are network-connected, and many have powerful built-in diagnostics and analytics for service. By integrating the Agent software module into your products, you can provide powerful secure remote access capabilities to your service team. The Agent’s “phone home” technology requires no open inbound ports, so your customers will feel secure.

Stay tuned, because maiData will soon be adding powerful new Telemetry capabilities to maiLink SRM. Telemetry will be as simple as writing your data payload to the Agent’s built-in REST API.

For Dealers. The manufacturers of network-connected equipment often build diagnostics into their medical devices and may even have remote access capabilities. But that doesn’t always mean they will extend that access to dealer support teams. In that situation, maiLink Router is the right solution for you, granting secure remote access as a gateway for your service techs so they can access any built-in diagnostic capabilities. It means you can offer services more like the manufacturer does, improving your service response times and helping you keep customers up and running.

A single maiLink Router gateway is much more than a window into a single device. In fact, one maiLink Router lets you access all the network-connected devices on your customer’s local area network that you are authorized to service. Plus, multiple technicians can use that same gateway to access different devices at the same time, making maiLink solutions remarkably cost-effective.

For Third-Party Service Providers. Your company is contracted to service many brands and models of equipment, and most often you don’t have permission to use any built-in remote access capabilities provided by the manufacturer. maiLink Router lets you access network-connected devices from your home office with a level of security that your customers will appreciate. It gives you all the power of access you would have if your technician’s laptop was on the same network. It also supports field service technicians diagnosing equipment before they travel to a site, saving a lot of time, money, and wasted spare parts.

maiLink Router is also safer from a medical device regulatory perspective. In the past, you may have installed a remote access software package onto a medical device, and probably done it without Verification and Validation or authorization from the manufacturer. maiLink Router forgoes the need for that, keeps the medical devices intact, and lets you provide excellent service without the effort of installing a new package on each device you service. Instead of installing a remote access application in each of  50 machines, install one maiLink Router and access them all.

For In-house Biomedical Engineering Teams. If you are responsible for maintaining equipment for a medical provider, maiLink Router may be just the solution you need. A single maiLink Router lets you access all the network-connected devices in every department, from radiology to oncology to opthamology. Because authentication is provided by maiLink SRM, it keeps your customer better protected if one of your employees leaves … there are no personal VPN credentials to worry about.

For Clinical Asset Management Companies. If your team is responsible for asset management, including support and repair, maiLink SRM is the right solution. By uniquely integrating both fleet management and secure remote access, we make it much easier not only to keep track of devices, but also to perform diagnostics and repair. Even better, maiLink SRM can manage devices that aren’t network-connected, so you can keep track of any asset, whether computerized or not.

Better Solutions


Increased Efficiency. The maiLink family of products is designed to make service operations more efficient. While we often think about that from a cost perspective, maiLink SRM is about providing the right tools to your team. Those tools can be used to decrease costs, save the time of your most valued resources, and increase revenue.

Greater Service Revenue. If your gold or platinum service offerings need a bit of extra shine, consider building in a supplemental charge for the enhanced levels of service you can provide via maiLink products. Yes, maiLink can save you money by reducing Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) and lowering field service travel costs, but at the same time the enhanced level of service you provide has significant incremental value for your customers.

Better for the Planet. It’s true. By reducing unnecessary field service calls, and the shipment of unneeded parts, maiLink SRM reduces the carbon footprint of your business.