All you need to do is integrate the lightweight, O/S agnostic maiLink Agent software into your product. Once deployed, the maiLink Agent creates all connections, using a “phone home” technology to keep your customers secure. When the maiLink Agent retrieves instructions from the maiLink Cloud, such as “connect to service technician Jane”, it builds a secure tunnel to Jane for diagnosis or maintenance. The tunnel is destroyed when Jane’s work is done.


Any employees you select can use the friendly and intuitive maiLink Client web interface to view and edit data about your devices. To remotely access your deployed devices, your authorized service technicians will also install the maiLink Client Helper onto their local computers and laptops. The Client Helper enables the service technician to receive tunnel requests from maiLink Agents installed in the field. The technician simply picks the device and then clicks on the protocol to use … Remote Desktop (RDP), Virtual Network Connection (VNC), HTTP(s), Secure Shell (SSH), or any custom TCP port.


maiLink secures every tunnel with encryption and temporary keys. In addition, it requires user authentication, including two-factor or multi-factor authentication, and differentiates users within your team by assigned roles with different permissions. Federation with SAML, LDAP, Microsoft AD and Google Workspace is available. For audit purposes, all user access to remote devices and all fleet management activities are logged.

Enriched Content

Not only do you get the power of maiLink, but you also get the experience of our team and your fellow users. As it becomes available over the next year, the maiLink Hub will provide a rich source of helpful hints for getting the most out of maiLink, including a library of code snippets that provide practical examples of how to interface to the maiLink Agent – everything from forming telemetry packets to distributing commands.

maiData plans to include a message board, case studies, contributed content, a blog, and full search capabilities into the maiLink hub. Together the maiLink hub features will accelerate your maiLink development and enhance your service capabilities in your deployed products.

maiLink Appliance

maiLink has a solution for deployed products already in the field, side-stepping the need to install the maiLink agent. The maiLink appliance, a small computer with the maiLink agent inside, acts as intermediary for deployed products that don’t contain the maiLink agent. By connecting with the maiLink appliance, your service team can access already deployed devices via almost any method.


maiLink – for Manufacturers

maiLink SRM is ideal for manufacturers of computer-driven, network-connected devices, from complex electro-mechanical systems like invasive surgical robots, to critical infrastructure like industrial refrigeration systems. maiLink SRM shines when service response and device uptime are key to customer satisfaction. Plus, maiLink SRM can track service contract compliance to help maximize the revenue of your service business.

New Products. Including the maiLink Agent into new product design is a simple step toward creating new products that are “designed for serviceability”. Your engineers can leverage maiLink during development, and your product can immediately begin providing telemetry data once deployed.

Existing Products. The maiLink Virtual Appliance is the easiest way to immediately access your deployed devices. It requires no integration, and testing is a simple confirmation that the devices can be reached. Any existing product that is accessible (via ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, or other means) can be accessed with the maiLink Virtual Appliance … just install it in a VM or computer with the requisite connections and you can connect at once.

maiLink SRM – for Third-Party Service Providers

maiLink SRM is the perfect dashboard for diagnosis and maintenance of devices from any manufacturer. By deploying maiLink Virtual Appliance software, third-party service providers can connect to a whole range of deployed devices, regardless of manufacturer, brand or model. And, because the maiLink Agent is built into the maiLink Virtual Appliance rather than the devices themselves, a maiLink Virtual Appliance can communicate with more than one deployed device, providing a single gateway for remote service of multiple devices located in a customer facility.