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Service Automation

Service Tasks

What is SRM?

Service Relationship Management (SRM) is the power to build a
better relationship with your
deployed products.

maiLinksoftware automates service, improving quality and customer satisfaction while slashing costs. It increases your field engineer and call center capacity, and makes it far easier to comply with your service contracts. 


Manual Tasks

Turn frequent tasks done manually into a simple, single click.

  • Uploading log files.
  • Backing up configuration files.
  • Installing software upgrades.
  • Updating O/S patches.
  • Installing antivirus definitions.

Preparatory Tasks

Setup a trigger that prepares the product for your service team whenever an error is received.

  • Pull the log files.
  • Delete temp files.
  • Set an alarm.
  • Open service ticket.

Automated Tasks

Completely automate processes to focus team where their expertise adds the most value.

  • Flush filters.
  • Reboot system.
  • Re-order supplies.


" The Telemetry built into maiLink SRM gives us powerful, new product insights! "

John Laviola, CTO
Precision X-ray, Inc.

World Class Customer Service.

maiLink software lets you deliver the great service your customers expect, while saving money. It provides new power to your service team, increasing efficiency at every step.

  • Proactively monitor products in the field alerts you to failures, even before the customer is aware of them.
  • Flexible workflows turn frequent tasks into effortless, repeatable, higher-quality results
  • Powerful automated workflows open up a new world of fully-automated repair.
  • Customizable manual workflows drive reproducibility, increasing both quality and consistency.
  • Transfer files to and from your products without the effort of logging in.
  • Fully-integrated, best-in-class secure remote access accelerates diagnosis and repair.
  • Centralized product data delivers unsurpassed product utilization and performance insights and real post-market surveillance data.




maiLink SRM has security at its core.

maiLink SRM offers customer-friendly, secure communications using no inbound ports. Our platform is designed to be secure ... for both you and your customers. We leverage our core secure communications platform to provide a comprehensive communications tools, including product heartbeat, telemetry, file transfer, secure remote access, and service automation.



maiLink only uses outbound ports, end-to-end encryption and short-term tokens -- all to better protect you and your customers.  



No one gains access to maiLink or your deployed devices without being authorized and authenticated.



Every device is carefully characterized and tracked, from serial number to software version.

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