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Strengthening Your Installed Base Data

The installed base your company has built is valuable in many ways. A large installed base gives confidence to new customers that your team knows what it’s doing and produces a quality product in which many others have invested. It also tells you things about your customers, and their continued feedback helps you build products that meet market needs even better.

Let’s take things to the next level. There are a few easy steps to strengthening your installed base data even further, and a lot of good reasons to do it.

  1. Document every detail: The database that you use for recording your installed base should function like a Device History Record, including serial numbers, software version, installed options, configuration information, dates of manufacture and installation, changes made since manufacture, etc.
  2. Add business information: Extend the information further with information about warranty coverage, warranty expiration date, service contract, contract terms, and contract dates.
  3. Implement telemetry: Telemetry is a simple process of sending metrics, events and status information from every installed device back to the factory. The telemetry data is a treasure trove of information about your machine’s performance and how customers interact with your machine.
  4. Give everyone access: If you want your team to make smart decisions, they all need to have access to the installed base data. The information it provides gives them guidance as to how to best service your customers, how to improve your future products, and how to help customers get the greatest benefit from them.

Together this information is a data goldmine for your business. It sets you up for success today and even greater success in the future.

maiLink SRM software is a service relationship management platform that helps you build a rich database about your installed devices. It also seamlessly integrates telemetry from your devices, including no-code system metrics and custom metrics, events and status information via a low-code REST API. To learn more about maiLink SRM, visit and sign up for a free trial.