Mammography Facility and Gantry Trends Time for a quick update on statistics around mammography facilities and equipment in the US, thanks to the excellent US government statistics published each month[i]. In the chart below, you will notice that the overall number of facilities offering mammography services is basically flat, only having drifted from 8,749 to […]

Mammography Procedure Volumes in COVID I think we all realize by now that the pandemic affected everything and changed how we went about our daily lives. The sudden increase in sales of home exercise equipment during the pandemic[i] seems logical, as people felt more and more home-bound and most gyms were closed. The pandemic also […]

Mammography Installations in the United States I thought my network might enjoy an update on installations of mammography equipment in the United States. I think we all remember how rapid the transition was from screen film mammography (SFM) equipment to full-field digital mammography (FFDM), driven both by a healthy reimbursement increase, the possibility of eliminating […]